HCAIM develop and deliver a Master Degree programme in Artificial Intelligence with a Human Centered focus and strong ethical perspectives. Leading industry, research and academic centres collaborates to reflect in the program the latest development and application of technologies. It draws on educational and research expertise of four universities across Europe, three Centres of Excellence (CoE) and three SMEs, plus over 25 more leading ICT organisations who have offered support for the programme.

A European Union funded project focused on Human Centered AI. This MSc aims to support Legal, Regulatory Compliant and Ethical adoption of AI by helping develop highly skilled resources with deep knowledge of AI and Human Centered approaches to its application. Graduates of this programme will have, not just a knowledge of Ethics relating to AI but also knowledge of how to apply these in real world situations.

We believe AI should be ethical, enhancing our humanity and ensuring adherence to ethical principles and values, but also robust - both from a technical and social perspective - and lawful complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

Our goal is the development of analytical, design and creative skills based on sound foundations of AI and Ethics, balancing different expertise and integrating AI with human-centered systems and applications.


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Budapest - hcaim@eit.bme.hu

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