Trustworthy AI: provability, accountability, understandability and their role in ethics guidelines

On Thursday the 25th November 13:00 CET, we will be having a live session with two eminent academics from Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), Péter ANTAL, PhD who is an associate professor, head of the Artificial Intelligence Group, head of the Computational Biology Laboratory at the Department of Measurement and Information Systems - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (VIK) and Mihály HÉDER, PhD, habil., an associate professor, head of department at the Dept. for Philosophy and History of Science (FTT) - Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (GTK).

A constant urge to create trustable tools and cooperation is part of the human condition. It is little wonder then that we strive for maintaining trust and intellectual control over the machines we create. But given their growing complexity and deep embedding in the human society, is this realistic, or is this an example of the vanity of human wishes? How do we justify the double standard between the explainability of decisions by humans and AIs?

We inspect a three-tier approach to trustworthy AI:
  1. A mathematical approach based on logical and probabilistic provability,
  2. A legal approach using accountability and responsibility, and
  3. An ethical engineering approach aiming for transparency and understandability throughout the development. We discuss their role in ethics guidelines to support comprehensive workflows for nurturing human compatible trustworthy AI systems.
Tarry Singh (CEO, deepkapha AI Lab & Real AI B.V.) will be moderating this webinar. We will be hosting a lot of exciting topics pertaining to Human Centered AI throughout 2021 – 2022 until the definitive launch of the Human Centered AI Masters in fall 2022.

All sessions will run live and will be hosted on LinkedIn Live. You can view the recorded sessions at the News section. We will have more engaging discussions with top industry leaders including our project partners from Universities, Research Labs, Industry parties and others. A complete list of all project partners can be found here.

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